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Please read the submission guidelines below carefully!

Please note you are submitting your work for the cover. Be sure to include a potrait dimension

General Submission Guidelines:

  • We do like to see variation of outfits, the more the merrier.
  • Send us your final and complete credits related to the submission; changes of published Editorials/Articles are unfortunately impossible ! The onus is on you to send us the final and correct credits  related to your submission.
  • All submissions shall come via our Submittable Page; please do not send submissions via e-mail , doing so will further delay your submission!!!

Submission processing fees
Submission processing fees are non-refundable.This fee will  help cover submission processing and hosting fees. 

Submit your work for a chance to be featured by the world's most exclusive online fashion destination . If selected, your work will be shown across the globe through our far-reaching online presence, or as well as being included in our monthly digital publication. The submission fee is a processing fee that enables Flawless Magazine continuing support and promotion of artists from around the globe; as well as ongoing, daily operational costs.


By Submitting, I understand that my submission will be reviewed.  I also acknowledge that I am the copyright-holder of the image(s) being submitted, or has the permission of the copyright-holder to submit the image(s)